I’m stained with secrets
slowly burning with heat of sunrise
My heart lives there
between the echoed footsteps of goodbyes
My lips spill time uncontrollably
my tongue is chasing seconds
That pass memories in the dark
I’m filled with Faith
Raging with the joy of Resurrection
my soul lives here
Inside the tears of trials and triumphs
My voice carries a message that is everlasting
It is unconditional, it is love


The truth….
Unimaginable, untangible,

Maybe to scarring to recall. 

Holding on to blind ambiton, 

I-we, have followed you here.

Nothing promised in this cool dark night yet our footsteps are one.  Marching loudly into the bursting warmth of daylight.  I dare not speak to my neighbors who look on just as scared as me.  

Hoping to touch solid ground, we have lemminged towards the worlds edge.   Taking science over heart, words over faith, decomposition of flesh over a higher cause. 

My soul cries out!

Believing that we live without purpose, substance.  

Jump, is the cry heard above this blaring silence. It echoes back through us and it begans.  No one claims shouting it out, lead by what might have been heard by one of us, a multitude  follows that empty shroud over the edge.

Still , there in the middle one stops to look around. Reaches arms out and halts those behind.  

Open your eyes, none of this….

Is real.



Breathless and awake, feet dangling just inches above the bottom. Toes scratching for secure ground. 

The wind stirs the restless stillness around.  Scattering those visions of tomorrow’s hope across a barren, plowed field.  Absolution is far beyond the nerves of outstreched fingertips.

The waves quarantine the air that is fighting to break through . The sun flashes off and on as desperation sets in, night seems to onset as a darkness cloaks  the skyline. 

Was there ever a chance to escape this comforting, rocking  tomb .  Hope seems like a mirage of temptations  that leads to false understanding of just how deep in we really are.