I’m stained with secrets
slowly burning with heat of sunrise
My heart lives there
between the echoed footsteps of goodbyes
My lips spill time uncontrollably
my tongue is chasing seconds
That pass memories in the dark
I’m filled with Faith
Raging with the joy of Resurrection
my soul lives here
Inside the tears of trials and triumphs
My voice carries a message that is everlasting
It is unconditional, it is love


As a Dad

As a Dad I am looking to become a better man daily.  I look into my children’s eyes and see that they believe in me beyond what I can fathom.  They see the untapped potential that as an adult, I “logically” rule out. Yet, when I take the time to stop and just listen, and see what they see; I can do anything. 

Something I get lost, they always help me find my way home. 

Fathers Day

Here I lay waiting for a call. A glimpse of hope that beyond your stubborn pride is compassion. 

I am strong, I am faithful, I am sad that you use them to hurt me.

Looking for help, but where does a Father turn?



So I got news the other night.  Life shattering, bring me down to my knees in church news. 

Through text…..

She was pregnant. She miscarried. She choose to withhold that she was, that we lost…

Life, a miracle….

How to cope without anger…