I will not break, I will not give in to the trials of this battle. We did not begin in war, we made it in our minds. We will end it in our hearts! 

I feel myself on the verge of tears all the time, wanting to burst free this river of emotions, of fears. I hold back, damming the release. As if I let these banks fill with sadness, I will drown.

I look at you and still see the beauty of who you are, the beauty of who I love. I listen and feel the wrath of your pride and anger.  Your hurt and pain, we are fearful yet you never notice the terror in my eyes.

How can we be so blind, we got here together. We can only better and move beyond this darkness together.

This divorce is many years past, and still tears me apart as if it was yesterday.  Because although you have cried on my shoulder, you have shut me down. 

I battle behind a faith that no one sees, and fall to my knees behind closed doors.  Even in frailty I am strong for our babies, for you. 

Who is strong with me??

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