I have not forgotten that Blank Stare you left me with

 I have not let go of that emptiness that you have filled me with. I’m searching down dark alleys, I’m searching through the shadows for What’s Left of Me.

I felt your fingers trapse across the back of my neck and it chilled me to the Bone, for I  knew you had left me; long forgotten. 

Your laughter comes back to me like Memories a longtime sufferer of dementia relives, each moment as if it were happening now yet ,they are nothing but lost breaths that scatter my fears across the open-air.

 Let go let go my mind tells me but, my soul clings on

 my heart beats your name

 what am I supposed to do, lost between raindrops, hidden in the reflections of the atmosphere;

 that is where I hide, hoping that I can catch a ride down upon snowflakes and maybe stain your cheek with my love once more.©jdj2017


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