So I am ready to embark on that journey again, to date, to love and share the intimate pieces of me l again.

It takes time to heal after divorce.

Many people in my life assumed that just because I am a man, I should have just jumped up and ran out the door and started the next relationship; yet that was not me.  

I never dreamed that I would marry and then become divorced, that I would have to let go of the person I invested everything in and vice versa.  So when the process began, I was devastated.  

Not only was I scared for myself, I was scared for my children.  How do I protect them from them pain of this as well. I struggled other watching the woman I Love be devastated as well, I felt helpless and defeated. 

Through Faith, Growth, and time I overcame the things that could have crippled me; my children. We are stronger for pushing through the storm, finding that what was waiting after it passed was worth it.   

Family is important, being a husband is what I want to be, a father, a Loving man of God that can show those around me that I am a living testimony of Love, of Faith, of forgiveness and strength.  

My scars are nothing I am ashamed of anymore, so I bear them openly.  Ask about them, the history behind each one has shaped me into the person I am today.  

God Bless those that have taken a moment to read this, to connect with a part of me.  

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