Moving steadily down the moutainside and enveloping the weary in its path.  Giving cause to sudden spurts of breathlessness amid calming sun rays.  Pulling down those withered organic forms from atop and flowing like water, down across wiliting grass.  The songs of last season seem incomplete amid the noise of the oncoming clouds.  Tirelessly  they cling to that mute warmth that lead them through sleepless nights.  Pushing through the gradient and onto level pastures, it hits with a curiosity ,

 of what was there, from where it came.  Its chill holds the soothing beats of birds flight, rocking my mind to ease.  I am  compelled to wander  upward, against the tide.  Looking for answers with closed eyes, I find solace in laying down and letting this movement   take me away from here. 



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