This is not what you think,

Quiet fires ignited underneath

Restless feet.  A trail that leads up and out of every seam my body possess.  

Trickling slowly upward these flashes pop in my mind. Eager to see what lies down this road traveled on.  Following footsteps laid long before my creation. 

Childike fancies dance through me, too big; too small- just right i contemplate as I near this journeys end.

My pupils dialate as that mirage becomes tangible.  Scents of home, pull me faster.  My legs tingle with anticipation, heart beating louder, trying to jump out of my chest and then… there you are at arms length and I lose breath.  I’m seaching for sound from my deflated diaphragm .  My tounge ache’s to form phonics, movement of my body seems impossible.

Although needless, you recognize the look in my eyes, and pull me close. Lips colliding  like waves upon the shore and we engulf eachother like night upon the land.  

Wanting ,

no more.



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