Planting Tomorrow

There,  in the quiet rhythm of your heartbeat was another.  It called to us, pulled us together when the distance of night was greater then our will to connect.

Our sins erased, a chance to renew vows forgotten upon angry lips. My hands swam over your hips, your skin melded to my touch.  Widening slowly as days passed, calling forth the beginning of you….and me.

Stillness erupts around,  waking the solitude of day.  Souls weeping for the passing of passion between us in this blessed bed,  the blossom of today has become shrouded in apocalyptic storm clouds, as that rainbow within you passes without stirring a ripple in our voyage apart.

What should have been our history, has become a brow wrinkle. A dream of a moment that almost was.

That I never knew was possible, until I awoke mid nightmare in cold sweat. Grasping for the hand that long ago, let go. 


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