I Am

I am sin, so please resist the temptation to follow me.  I am like cool gin calling your lips at the end of a troubled day, addicting and easy to get lost in.  Please don’t pick up my chilled cup and let me fill you with my false relief. 

I have listened to your trembling heart, your turbulent soul search for absolution in clear nights.  Take heed my advice because my tempur pedic comfort masks the fact that I am not paying attention. 

We have argued in the street,  brought lightning from the sky.  Woke sleeping neighbors and called out the devil in you an me.  Then ended it all with false apologies to appease you worrying mind so disregard my tears,  they cover up my still raging anger. 

Change….change comes through work, from want.  So open your Palms and surrender to my rain,  my warm breeze dancing upon your searing skin. Take in my Aloe an honey,  let me heal you from within. 

Baptize with me and be not the same anymore,  we are better then our mistakes. Our cracked pavement is superficial,  the real strength comes from our roots dug deep in the soil of faith.

For without you, without me…without fight an trials an fears. There is no Love, no hope…no we.

And We are everything to me.


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