So we are overcoming today.  Overcoming the fight that has overflowed into other areas of our life.  I hate,is a strong word, I wish yet I hate the impact of fear and pride and stubbornness on our lives. I am saddened that aspects of this battle will scar my kids. 

I beg and plead for a resolution, a moment of clarity.  I ask if we can work as one….yet I am met with this rage. 

So I pray that the Lord will grant us understand ing and peace.  It doe

sn’t matter how much I sacrifice for her, for them.  She has one agenda, to make sure I stay broken.  At moments I want to lash out in the manner, spouting hurt and anger.  I just want to treat her the same, yet, I can’t.  I always think….what if my babies see. I want them to know better than my past….then our mistakes.


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