Divorce – coming together

So we fight, and fight and fight until there is nothing left.  Now we have to let go of our intimacy and find a way to co-parent. Withhold our personal feelings and listen. It is as hard as it sounds, and then it became easy for me.  Harder and harder for her, now I stand in doorways waiting for a chance to be heard. 

I get it, I feel it.  The pain, the resentment, the hole the size of heaven left without your soul mate. 

I just can’t bring myself to tell anyone else I am here for my kids, for my ex every day.  While every day I fight her comments, her insults, her threats. 

We were not always this mean. Divorce changed a part if us and I don’t know if it ever will come back.

I see the great mom she is, I see the strong woman she is, the lasting friend she is.  In our darkest moments, I am begging not for us to have to agree or like what eachother is saying.  We dont even have to understand,  but we mist listen. 

That is how we got here (divorce)….we quit listening…


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